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Continuing the journey of the Berlin Iconic spaceman across the infinite universe and following the previous editions of the Astronaut Cosmonaut and the Full Moon, this year we celebrate the 2017 total solar eclipse by releasing a 4 color print on white 300gm paper. Stamped, numbered, signed and hand-finished by the artist himself.

Entitled "Eclipse," the print has a varnish glaze, encapsulating the hand-finished corona element, which subsequently creates an interesting contrast to the extra deep matt back Moon in the forefront of the image. The black used is a special ink formulated with the same chemistry as the well-known Vanta black. Vanta is the blackest black, which is ultra absorbent of light, giving it an infinitive black-hole feel.
We also made a very special smaller series on silver thermo blankets, also printed with Vanta Black.

If you're located i Berlin come along to the 10 yr Astronaut Wall anniversary exhibition this month, at Urban Spree. The exhibition will be centered around the cult figure of the Astronaut with numerous original/stenciled works on paper and a mural at Urban Spree. It's also a chance to see the Eclipse and Space-blanket series in person as part of the exhibition.