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This ghostly print was produced earlier in the year, during a one on one collaboration where we were lucky enough to have Faith47 in the studio for a couple of weeks. We've been able to get a very unique finish to this edition, which was made possible by directly bouncing back and forth ideas, experimenting with methods and working by hand on silk screen layers.

A pastel sage background sets the colour temperature for the image. Subtle layers of pearlescent vanish are used underneath the proceeding layers of matt-inks, to generate an interesting depth to the image. One photographic layer makes a platform of detail for 4 more layers, these layers were hand-painted on true-grain film by Faith47 and each is printed with highly translucent ink to conjure a more realistic painted finish.

A 'sepia tone' special edition will also be available. To purchase a print, keep an eye out for the release on Halloween this Monday.