Mother Drucker works on a commission basis for artists, galleries, designers, creatives and individuals. We're professionally committed to producing high-end quality printing in an array of forms, using a multitude of our disciplines and equipment. We're also open to working with individuals with a more unconventional approach, if a creative collaboration or exchange is desired.

In-house printing on paper, wood, canvas, textile, garments and mostly all materials is possible. Our training and skills can assist in large-format, cmyk, photographic, unlimited colours, textual works developed on true train, speciality finishes, effect colours and much more. Artworks can be developed by digital separation or organically in our studio using alternative techniques.

Terms & Conditions
- Sampling -
Sampling requested for a client's own aesthetic assessment is subsequent to extra costs, determined on an hourly and material cost basis.
Sampling necessary by the producer (Mother Drucker) to determine the success of a jobs end result is at no extra cost to the client.
- Contracted commissions with New Clients -
We will tailor a contract for all new clients who would like to book us for an official commission. The contract will be discussed, written and signed by both parties before any work begins. Additionally an initial deposit of 30% of the end total payment is required in advance. The contract will outline the commission as a whole - work specifications, deposit, payment, deadlines, shipment, collection and cancellation policies.
- Commission without Contract -
For clients wanting to book us for a commissions of a casual or collaborative nature, we're happy to work without a contract if both parties are comfortable. Material costs should be paid in advance and full payment is required upon collection. Only possible with surplus time for production or flexible deadlines.

For enquires or more information please feel free to email us for quotations or an appointment.