DA/EA (Deutsche Arbeiter/Etude Artist)


Berliner artist Emess first worked with Mother Drucker at the 2013 Druck Berlin festival, where this series was first begun. Now a total series of 14 portraits, the faces of Che Guevara, JFK, Nelson Mandela, Muammar Qaddafi among others are featured here in print. The 14 portraits have the inscription “Deutsche Arbeiter”, bearing relation to the xenophobic propaganda of the Third Reich. Each print has been worked on with screen print and hand stenciled, the portraits were also generated from original bank note imagery.

14 different portraits (editions), 6 unique prints to each edition.

Here you can see one print from each edition, however there are many versions, so please contact before purchase to see the full catalog of work and take your pick of what’s available.

DA/EA (Deutsche Arbeiter/Etude Artist)
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